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Instant Pot Pastured Pork Chops

Easy peasy meal recipe. Quick, simple, delicious!

Prep Time:5 minutes

Cook Time:20 minutes


1/person - Boneless Pastured Pork Chops (or Bone-In if you prefer a bone)

- 1 cup of Bone Broth Concentrate (bison, beef, chicken, or turkey all work great!)

- A spoonful of butter, lard, cocout oil, avocado oil, or best yet: Bone Broth Tallow


  1.     Make sure your pork chop is fully defrosted.
  2.     Pat the pork chop dry, bring it to room temperature and season liberally with freshly ground Redmond's Real Salt and freshly ground pepper.
  3.     Set your Instant Pot to saute and drop in your butter, lard, oil, or tallow.
  4.     Once hot, sear the seasoned pork chops for 1-2 minutes on each side (until golden brown) and remove from heat and set aside.
  5.       Scrape out Instant Pot, add 1 cup Bone Broth Concentrate, put chops back into Instant Pot.
  6.     Set Instant Pot to pressure cook on high for 7-8 more minutes, then let pressure cook naturally release.
  7.     Let rest at least 5 minutes before eating.

Closing Thoughts:

If you'd like to avoid using any sugar-laden condiments, caramelized mushrooms &/or onions are the perfect accompaniment and can be quickly fried while you let the chops rest. So simple and so good!


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