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Bison Corned Brisket

Having absolutely nothing to do with corn, our corned bison brisket is delicious! Quick fact, the English dubbed the term "Corned Beef" in reference to the size of the salt crystals used to cure the brisket, "about the size of a corn kernel". Our pickling recipe is ancient and is consistent with our "No preservatives" standard.

  • Brined, Seasoned
  • Raw, Uncooked

Ingredients:  Bison, Water, Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Honey Granules (Refinery Sugar, honey), Witts Chicago Ham Spice (sugar, Spice Extracts, Spice) Pickling Spice (mustard seed, cassia, allspice, ginger, dill, bay leaves, black pepper, red pepper, fennel, cloves, vegetable oil, mace).