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Bison Stuffy

Not all stuffies have stories! 

Kidd and Anna are legendary around here. Their life stories are unique and inspiring for youth and adults alike. The stories of these two extremely rare bison are written on their name tags so kids can read and be inspired by them whenever they cuddle their Anna or Kidd stuffy!

Anna's Story Tag: Hi, my name is Anna! I was orphaned at a day old but was rescued and raised in the bathroom of the ranch house until I was big enough to live in the yard like a dog. Bella (the real dog) and I would gallop to greet visitors but the visitors seemed kinda nervous to meet us… I’m a grown up now and get to be a “mommy” to hundreds of other young bison each year, teaching them how be calm, confident, and to trust their instincts. You know, there will be times in your life where you, too, will have to stay calm, be confident, and trust your instincts!

Kidd's Story Tag: Howdy, call me Kidd! I was orphaned when I was born but was rescued and taken in by Mr. Shane. He took care of me, ‘round the clock, the first few days to save my life. Mr. Shane is my mate, I trust him deeply. Mr. Shane and I spend lots of time together, he teaches me cool tricks, but also how to be calm and trusting, even in loud and scary situations like being on stage, in the spotlights at a rodeo, or as the center of attention in a parade. Guess what, you have amazing talents and can learn to be brave too, like Mr. Shane taught me!



- Anna is 8 inches long.

- Kidd is 11 inches in long.


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