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Part 2

A Few More of My Favorite Things


A few weeks ago I shared a few of my favorite kitchen tools.

Here are a few more of my favorite things!

10 gallon Crock Pot

Most everything in my cooler is fermented. I couldn’t do that without my big 10 gallon ceramic crock that is essential to making the best probiotic-infused foods possible. Fermenting is an old fashioned way of preserving and enriching foods without using heat, synthetics and chemicals to make them last.


Dehydrating is another old fashioned preserving method for fruits, vegetables, nuts & meats without using harmful chemical preservatives.

An excellent way of knowingexactly what your family is snacking on.

Sturdy Scissors

You’ll find yourself using a good pair of scissors a lot more than you’d expect in the kitchen. Safer to use and clean than knives, I always opt for scissors whenever I can. Really solid scissors aren’t terribly expensive and last a very long time. There are plenty of great options on Amazon so spend the money and find one that fits your ergonomics and style. You won’t regret it.

Digital Kitchen Scale

Recipes are here for a purpose. If I guess, I’ll most likely mess up my dish so I use my little digital kitchen scale often. It’s so exact and easy to use therefore I’m prone to using it more often. Being mostly waterproof,

I can quickly and easily clean it too!


None of my tools are rocket science, they’re just old tools designed more user friendly. Get the good stuff and you’ll be more apt to find yourself enjoying time in the kitchen preparing foods that feed your family well.


Be Deeply Nourished!

Mary and the Northstar Tribe


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