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Bison vs Buffalo


What’s the difference between bison and buffalo?

2 letters!! Haha.


Seriously though, bison and buffalo to Americans are the same. It is much more clearly defined in technical terms but our loose interpretation as Americans is slippery which leads to easy deception.

True buffalo is Water Buffalo of Asia or Cape Buffalo of Africa.


Here’s the catch…and the whistle blowing.


You’ve seen buffalo products quite often in the grocery store or gas station, don’t be quick to assume it’s bison. If it says bison, you know you’re good.


It can say Buffalo and be bison or water buffalo but cannot say bison anywhere if it is buffalo.


It’s a crafty world out there. If you want bison, buy bison.


The National Bison Association is blowing the whistle on this dilution and deception of our American icon in the marketplace. Their goal is 10k signatures.

Please consider clicking the link below to sign the petition.


Sign Water Buffalo Deception Petition


Live well this week,

Sean & the Northstar Tribe



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