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Bison: Within 3 Days of Extinct.

Your support & impact isSIGNIFICANT.
As consumers, we can be numbed to this notion of “making an impact” by our support as companies now often tell us. We say it and we’re not being coy, facetious, or self-interested; it’s 100% true.
And here's why...



  • The US beef industry is 90 million animals strong.


So think about it like this;
The beef industry harvests anentire year of bison harvest inahalf a day.

To further wrap your mind around this dichotomy,
the current pace of every-day-beef-slaughter wouldextinct bison in 3 days.


Now, bison are not in danger of going extinct today thanks to valient efforts made by many to recognize and value this animal in our nation's history & future. On the other hand, we're no threat to the beef industry. But, when you order bison meat, you’re making a significant impact on the future of bison. And not only supporting bison in general but being particular about the way in which they're raised & harvested; regeneratively, as nature intended. If each customer told one friend about us, we'd double our impact, supporting twice as many acres and twice as many bison.We have a ten year goal of impacting 4 million+ acres(two more Yellowstone National Park's worth of native ecosystems) in a diverse, healthy, regenerative, “as nature intended” ecosystem, naturally producing food that is harvested honorably & respectfully, processed with care, and shipped directly to your door with some of the fullest nutritional densities known to man.

1 bison worth of meat supports 5 other live bison and, depending on the habitat type, anywhere from 20 to 2000 acres of invaluable native, wild, diverse, carbon-sinking ecosystem. Based on our average order size, 18 customers purchase a whole bison worth of meat therefore supporting 5 live bison and the land they inhabit. 100 new customers would equal another 2000 to 200,000 new acres of impact, 1000 new customers equals upwards of 2,000,000 new acres of native habitat supported, and so on. We’re currently working with regenerative ranches and nature conservancies all across the US and Canada and our goal is simply to do more.

And contrary to what may appear from the outside, we're a small, lean company. We work our tails off but we're a very small, highly dedicated team. 3 or 4 in the office, 6 or 8 in processing, 5 or 6 in shipping, in addition to those it takes to raise & watch over the animals. It's first-name basis round here.But being a small team doesn't limit the size of our dreams.

We're so grateful to do what we do and to have an opportunity to serve you while positively impacting our planet.

Together, we will make an even bigger difference.




Live well again this week,

- Sean & the Northstar Tribe


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