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Carbs & Cancer


Before anyone sprints to their cupboards to trash any carb-laden foods, google’s the latest carb-free diet or is picking up a stone to throw, let me share a simple, balancing perspective.


Around here, we think about nearly everything in terms of “as nature intended”. In determining how to best raise our animals, deciding how to process a certain cut or in developing a particular recipe, it always flows through the filter of “What is nature’s way?”.


Cancer thrives in an acidic environment, exactly what grain carbs naturally produce in our bodies when consumed in excess.


Now, back to the balancing piece… Take a look at the natural world; How many grain species, like the ones we see grown upon millions and millions of acres in our country, growing in the wild?


The paleo diet, the keto diet, the no-grain diet, the xyz diet, and the next “silver bullet” diet that will inevitably come around the corner, all have a common denominator… they attempt to be a one-size-fits-all emulation of our pre-industrial age ancestor’s diet.


All things must be in balance, the difficult part comes in determining what that balance is exactly. Simply think of what nature produces and the quantities and seasons in which it produces them. That is precisely the dietary balance we should all be striving for.


As an American culture, our level of grain carbohydrate consumption is astronomical. And, just because it’s “organic” doesn’t justify it’s consumption. Good-meaning folks can be distracted by the fact that the fruit snacks that little Billy eats everyday are “organic” and therefor healthy.Or that organic, plant-based protein bar that is your late morning fix.


Grains are healthy in balance, however, modern grains do not even resemble those of yesteryear. Genetic selection and modification to withstand chemical application has come so far that I’m sure most of us wouldn’t even recognize nature’s variety. I am not pointing fingers. No one is at fault. It’s just the unintended consequences of industrialism.


Using nature’s intended balance can be your dietary “North Star”. 

(No pun intended although it is ironic!)


I’d love to hear your feedback. Questions, comments, concerns, differing perspectives. Let’s have a discussion for the betterment of humanity.


Live well this week,

Sean and the Northstar Tribe



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