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Eat like your life depends on it...

...because it does.  

The statement is slightly ridiculous. Of course your life depends upon eating.

But how you view that statement can alter your eating habits.

The value of what you put into your body is exactly what you can expect out of your body. Just as we monitor the pastures the bison graze to ensure that every single bite our animals are taking is as nutrient rich as nature desires it to be, you should be considering every calorie that you consume. We don’t count calories by the way. Calories can be dangerously deceiving.


Let’s break this concept down into simple terms.

100% Grass-fed Bison takes 2.5 times longer to reach harvest maturity than Beef.

100% Grass-fed Bison takes 6 times longer to reach harvest maturity than Pork.

100% Grass-fed Bison takes 20 times longer to to reach harvest maturity than Chicken.

Which one would you expect to be more nutritionally dense?

Which one would provide the most fuel for your body?

What do calories have to do with this equation?

We always say; “Manage for what you want.”

Want a more vibrant, healthy mind and body?


Eat like you mean it.

As we ring in a new year, now is a perfect time to change your calorie paradigm.


Live well this week,

Sean & the Northstar Tribe


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