Eating What

Eating What


Let’s just cut to the chase:

Sly marketing makes the bottom sound like the top.

The bottom is stamping out prime-cut factory steaks.

The top is cycling with nature.

The bottom is an open scab.

The top costs more money.

The bottom is consuming gobs of nonrenewable resources.

The top is probiotics.

The bottom is sub-therapeutic antibiotics, vaccines and growth hormones.

The top is fighting predators.

The bottom is fighting cancer.

The top has a rutting season.

The bottom has artificial insemination season.

The top has genetically evolved.

The bottom gorges on genetically modified feed.

The top has grazing plans.

The bottom has waste management plans.

The top lives the wild life.

The bottom doesn’t recognize wildlife.

The top is helping to reverse climate change.

The bottom is contributing to climate change.

The top is living life.

The bottom is enduring every day.


Those 50 day dry aged, tender, Beef Ribeye Steaks at the steakhouse

aren’t a celebration of a life well lived.


What we consume is what we support. Our dollars vote.


Live well this week,

Sean & the Northstar Tribe


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