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Economical Protein


Most certainly, our greatest competitors are plant-based proteins, and they're a heavy hitter. They fire on all psychological cylinders…

- It’s far cheaper to produce.

- It doesn't involve the mental wrangling of justification and responsibility for the taking of an animal.

- It’s strong in nutritional panel power.


Slam dunk. Sounds like we need to just pack up, go home, vote vegan.


But there's a catch.


There’s always a catch when something seems too good to be true.


Though plant-based proteins check all the boxes on a budget and the nutritional panel screen, they still fall short. Way short. They’re far less dynamic. They lack likely the single-most important, and underrated, ingredient that never shows on a nutritional panel: good, living bacteria. Good bacteria is vital to a healthy immune system, your gut. They’re empty calories. How much good bacteria can live in a can of powder? Or in a processed energy bar? Or in a pre-cooked veggie burger?


Nearly all modern illness is diet related. 

Our bodies are made of cells that feed off of good bacteria.

If we’re not eating good bacteria, what do we expect to happen?


Chiropractors are valuable. Doctors are crucial. Physical Therapy is life-giving.

But if we aren’t addressing the root of the issue in our diet, we’re just pouring money into expensive bandaids.


I’m Sean Graese, and I approve this message. Not because it’s good marketing,

but because it’s the reason this company was founded:


To feed people well,

(both mentally with knowledge and physically with nourishment) 

as nature intended. 


And being totally honest, vegan protein is NOT sustainable or eco-friendly.

It’s a broken cycle of inputs and fossil fuels.


Live well this week,

Sean and the Northstar Tribe




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