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Field Harvest


In addition to our passion to offer the most nutritious, most flavorful, most tender 100% Grass-fed and pasture-raised meats from some of the finest ranches in the world, Northstar is passionate about providing some of the mostrespected animal proteins on the planet. At the appropriate time, we accept the responsibility of taking the life of an animal that we have poured years of heart and soul into.

While we certainly don’t enjoy this part, we’re proud of how we do it.

Because thehow is every bit as important as thewhat.


Northstar’s Field Harvest process is ancient yet timeless; taking an animal in its natural environment. The bison leisurely graze the pastures with the herd as they do any other day. The herd is surveyed. An animal is selected, and Lee, an incredibly skilled rifleman, patiently awaits the perfect opportunity. The herd slowly grazes along, mingling as they move. Then, “The One” drifts into an opening and pauses. Blink. In a millisecond the bull lay motionless, resting in peace as the herd calmly pivots to face him, as if to gesture the honorable life sacrifice.


As an animal welfare auditor once told us,

“I can’t imagine a more peaceful process.”


The average modern human being has no real basis on which to understand the true gravity of this process. If done incorrectly, slaughter is a disgustingly brutal act of desecration. The animals just become a number and are forced through the slaughter system at “efficiency pace”.

When done with respect, honor and reverence, the harvest is able to be accepted as a challenging yet very necessary and beautiful part of the life cycle.  


To us, disrespectfully and unethically taking the life of an animal is simply not an option.

Nature is a cruel master.

Disease, storms, starvation, predators, fractured bones, infection, gorings, drowning, dehydration.

None of which are peaceful.


Our zero-stress Field Harvest also eliminates stress-induced cortisol coursing through the animal’s bloodstream, toughening the meat and tainting it’s flavor. Our Field Harvest preserves that flavor and tenderness the majestic American Bison is known for.


We own the responsibility to provide incredibly valuable protein with honorable humane harvest.

When done appropriately, it is beautiful.    

Live well this week,

Sean & the Northstar Tribe


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