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Food Abundance vs. Shortages & Distribution

It’s Becca here and I was recently listening to a panel of soil biologists where one of the panel members said that we don’t have a food shortage problem, but a food distribution problem. I’ve heard the food distribution statement many times over the years and had agreed since I lacked awareness of other avenues. Within the last decade, I had that mindset updated from the Regenerative Agriculture movement, so listening to those in the field of soil ecology, I was surprised that the third option wasn’t presented:
Reversing and restoring desert land.

If you’ve ever watched the wildly popular TED Talk that Allan Savory, of the Savory Institute, gave in 2013 (currently over 5 million views!), he presented on the topic of reverse desertification. Allan displayed a number of projects that his team has worked on over the years on reversing what was once inhospitable land back into microbial rich, fertile, and productive land through the help of animals. Another term for it is Regenerative Agriculture, which is whatNorthstar Bison practices!
As stewards of the land and of the animals, we want to leave the land in better condition than when we first came in contact with it. We believe that there is an abundance of food that can be grown all over the world IF the ancestral traditions of land and animal stewardship are brought back into the equation. 

It doesn’t make any level of practical sense for one region of the world to producethe bulk majority of food only to then be distributed worldwide when the growth potential is literally under the feet of every human and animal! Even though this is not an overnight accomplishment, every step in the right direction is a marked step of progress!
Being a part of the larger community, which not only helps rebuild the land, but delivers the highest quality of life to our animals, in turn, gives all of us the highest quality of nutrition for our bodies. It truly is a profound demonstration of the cycle of life. 



Keep on exploring!

​- Becca & the Northstar Tribe


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