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Forgive me for asking but how much should we do the 2?

Yep, we're talking about poops this week! I promise it won't get weird. And if you do the do yourself, you're likely to learn something, as I did.
So I'd encourage you to read on!

This week's topic feels too personal to write about but this is a little epiphany I've had lately... I realize my logic in this blog is very rudimentary, but I feel it holds enough truth that contradicts how I think about waste, enough to make it worth me sticking my neck out to share and pose the question. When it comes to number 2, I've always understood that being "regular" is a good thing, and regularly having, what we almost heroically call in our house, a 'super two', is even better... "regular 'super-twos' are considered good because they indicate that our bodies are effectively disposing of waste." Now, I must admit, my understanding has been that regular/frequent/daily are all interchangeable when it comes to this topic but I don't feel I'm alone in that understanding.

That said, let me make the giant leap over to a massive benefit we celebrate in the raw pet feeding world... that benefit being that feeding a raw, biologically appropriate, "as nature intended" diet to our pets is they have far less waste. Who doesn't want to pick up less poops?! Not only does less waste mean less to pick up, it means that the nutrients being consumed are being efficiently utilized. And THAT is the real point of celebration!!

So, how does this apply to us as humans? My brain says, just like our pets, rather than celebrating regular "super twos", we should be celebrating less poops... because that indicates our bodies are actually effectively & efficiently utilizing what we are putting in them. Feeding our body in a way that it can extract & maximize what we're putting in while subsequently creating less waste sounds a whole lot better than putting an emphasis on helping our bodies regularly dispose of excess waste. THAT is the point we should be focused on and celebrating!

To get real personal, I grew up a product of the '80s where salads were 'holy food' and fats were public enemy #1. I don't embrace either of those beliefs, at least I thought I didn't... but I have to admit they have shaded my dietary paradigm to a some degree. About 6 months ago, I took the plunge (though of all people you'd expect this to feel a lot less risky for me but it still felt like I was moving into the unknown) and transitioned to an almost exclusively animal-based diet (meat/organs/fat & dairy plus some occasional fruit, potatoes, rice, etc. but definitely not in every meal) and have experienced a tremendous change in how I look and feel (you know things are different when people start frequently coming up to ask what you've started taking...). I have been lifting fairly seriously for about 4.5 years now and have enjoyed an array of benefits. However, I have experienced more change in the past 6 months after shifting my diet than I have in the prior 4 years. I am not making this about me, I am simply saying from personal experience that there is something significant here and this experience has confronted subconsciously held myths I didn't even know were there and have revolutionized my thinking.

One myth of eating animal-based is fear of constipation because of the volume of protein you consume (I do believe protein bars & shakes would create significant back up due to how processed & non-bioavailable they are in relativity to minimally processed animal proteins). This was one aspect I was unsure of but I figured I'd find out for myself. I eat more overall volume now than I ever have (3-4 lbs of meat/day + some dairy and occasional fruit and old world grain carbs) but I do 'do the do' far less, yet, I'm not constipated... how does that compute?!?! I feel my revelation between myself and our two little miniature dachshunds is the answer...

Our bodies are effectively & efficiently utilizing almost entirely what we're putting in.
That's an exciting and amazing revelation!!

The next objection folks often have in rebuttal to my "crazy diet" is;
"But there aren't enough animals on the planet to support our burgeoning global population to eat meat so we HAVE to eat plants!"

Oh contraire my friend!! That's a lie from the pit of Monsanto.

Stay tuned as I unpack that myth in my next blog. :)  


Live well this week,
 ​- Sean & the Herd @ Northstar



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