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Good or Bad Eggs?    

Eggs come in all shapes and sizes... Are they all bad? Or all good?


The topic of food is almost always on my mind and I’ve been hashing over the blissful simplicity of what food was designed to be, but the confusing complexities that our culture has turned it into.

Isn’t it amazing that food was just nourishing food for millennia because that’s all that was available…

…but when technology became the main driver especially over the last 100+ years, confusion set in and suddenly what is and what isn’t healthy has become an ongoing debate?

The never-ending arguments of whether an egg, red meats, fats, etc. are good or bad for you has caused many to either just give up trying to understand or continue to implement the constant moving goal posts of government nutritional guidelines.

There is a way to see through all of the conflicting data! In fact, advertised data will always be changing, so instead of looking to what a “health expert” is telling you, look to the farm and the land that they are raised and fed on.

Could it be that simple?

Yes! Ancestral practices are returning in full swing, which is also referred to as regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture practices not only factor in the animal and the native diet each animal are designed to eat (instead of what’s convenient, toxic, and cheaper for a farmer to feed them) but also the underground life within the soil that they interact with!

If all living creatures eat their native diets, this leads to healthy, happy, robust, and very nutrient-dense animals (and, in turn, humans). When all species have a healthy inner ecosystem, then their manure greatly benefits and feeds into the soil ecosystem (vs. confined feedlots that produces a toxic waste product and has to be removed from the site which negatively effects where it is taken).

If an egg, red meat, fats, etc. come from a creature that was fed a toxic diet, the nutritional quality will be lacking and also toxic for you.

If you consume products that are absent of toxins and full of life-giving nutrients, that will transfer into the well-being of your body.

This is why knowing the practices of the farms that your food is raised and grown on impacts the quality of the land, the sea, and the health of you and me!

So, the question to be asking maybe isn't are eggs good or bad, but rather, which eggs are bad and which eggs are good?!



Hard to beat nutrient-dense, farm-fresh, soy-free, corn-free, over-easy eggs with those gorgeous, dark-orange, colored yokes!



Cheers to Good Eggs :)

​- Becca & the Northstar Tribe


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