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Grass Fed is King


Science says 100% grass-fed & finished meats are the Nutritional King; yielding up to 4X more vitamin E, 5X more cancer-fighting CLA, 3X the amount of heart-friendly omega-3s and 2X as much beta-carotene. 100% grass-fed meats also have less calories, less total fat, and less saturated fat than grain-fed and even organic meats. You see, the term “organic” in itself does not mean 100% grass-fed or even pasture raised. Organic only means that the animal was not fed GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) grain, but rather organic grain which can still produce high amounts of artery-clogging omega-6 fat.


A word of caution when buying “grass-fed”. The USDA has excused themselves from regulating that definition. The term “grass-fed” doesn’t mean 100% anymore.


100% grass-fed means just that;

100% grass-fed, 100% grass-finished, 100% of the time.


As it pertains to bison, there is no other protein on the face of the earth that is cleaner and more nutrient dense than 100% grass-fed and finished bison meat. 100% grass-fed and finished bison is leagues ahead of chicken on a nutritional panel.


Our region of the country produces sweet tasting, rich, cool season grasses which transfer directly into the fine eating experience that our meats provide. We have many customers that live in the heart of “buffalo country” that order from us. We ask, “Why would you order from us when xxx ranch is just up the road?” The response is always: “Because your meats taste better.”  


Why would we miss an opportunity to “light up” our taste buds,

to optimize our bodies,

to strengthen our immune systems,

to renew our minds,

to celebrate the life of a dignified animal,

to contribute to the restoration of prairie ecosystems,

to support small ranching families doing it right,

to vote for our National Mammal; the American Bison,

to withhold your support of broken, destructive, detrimental production systems?


What’s not to love about consuming 100% grass-fed bison?!


Live well this week,

Sean and the Northstar Tribe


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