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Imagine If...

Will we be outsmarted? I'd say we already have been...


I heard recently that some smart guys got together and calculated that AI (artificial intelligence)will be smarter than humans within 7 years. Now, I'm not sure how to quantify if that is true or not or what exactly they mean by "smarter" but one thing is for sure is that technology is advancing to almost freakish levels, and at a freakish pace. In the spirit of stretching the limits of technology, I'm inviting you to play a little imagination game with me this week...

So, imagine if at some point in the future there was an AI learned, zero-emissions, renewable energy-powered, robotic machine that harvested, reseeded, fertilized, and cultivated your garden for you (or your farm fields if you're a farmer) in one pass with zero human involvement. An auto-mechanical, artificial intelligence, regenerative food production system if you will.

What I just described would render all existing farm equipment obsolete.

Now, just for fun, let's take this concept one step further. What if that machine somehow also drastically increased the nutritional density of the harvest from your garden as it harvested it? And imagine if it was able to self-heal, self-preserve, and reproduce on it's own?!
How incredible of an invention would that be?!!!

Well folks, I've just described something that has been around since the beginning of time...

a bison.

(or a cow or an elk or a deer or a turkey or a pig or a...)

They're a self-supporting, self-healing, self-regenerating, self-reproducing "Roomba" that roves around the landscape taking relatively low-nutrient dense, naturally growing forage, and upcycles it into extremely nutrient-dense meat, bones, tissues, and organs while regenerating every inch of land it touches to be more productive and more resilient for the next time it visits as well as everything else that calls that land home in the meantime.

There are many things in this world that can be improved upon.

Nature is not one of them.



Live well this week,
 ​- Sean & the Herd @ Northstar



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