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Kitchen Salts


A simple little trick in my meat prep tool bag is the process of soaking. This is especially valuable when preparing poultry but can be applied to any meat. Anywhere from 4 to 24 hours prior to cooking, place the meat into a bowl of salt water and let it soak. Simple as that.


When you’re ready to cook, pour the salt water brine off and continue with your normal cooking routine. Soaking in salt water draws out blood and any impurities while also tenderizing and enriching it’s flavor.


Knowing the source of your meat is critical. We can say with confidence that our proteins are as clean as you will find anywhere. This isn’t always the case with other meats on the market. If in doubt, be sure to soak.


Note: Make sure the salt you use is not processed salt! Use a naturally occurring rock salt. Celtic, Himalayan Pink & Redmond’s Real Salt are some good choices.


Be Nourished,