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Liver-Milk and Other Hidden Gifts

It's Becca here with another food adventure!
First off, I’m not trying to create a new organ meat fad (I’ll save that for another post...heh heh heh). This actually has to do with a comedy of errors that holds hands PERFECTLY with the age-old phrase “don’t cry over spilled milk.”


It all started with some extra raw milk in my fridge past its prime and a boatload of liver taking up a lot of space in the freezer. I decided to make a couple batches of liver pâté and the recipe I was using recommended soaking the liver in milk overnight.


Everything went great until I opened my fridge to store the soaked liver. There wasn't much space to set the glass container down (where are my fellow overpack-the-fridge foodies?). After moving some items around, I made a spot on top of a container that was already sitting on top of a carton of eggs (you know where this is going). I set the milk-soaked liver on top and shut the refrigerator feeling pretty good about my Tetris skills.


The next morning, I opened the fridge and my eyes widened while deciding if I was going to cry over my spilled milk or not.The weight on the egg carton caused just enough of a slant where the liver-infused milk seeped out and covered the entire shelf. After some deep breaths, I cleared out the food on that shelf and sopped up the pink liver-milk. I focused on the shelf needing a deep clean anyway, so I pulled out the pane of glass and gave it a good soak in the sink. When everything was cleaned, dried, and put away, I looked with great satisfaction over my squeaky clean shelf.


The next day, I opened the veggie drawer to see that the liver-milk had also dripped in there from the day before. COME ON! After more sighing, I emptied out the produce and removed the drawer to clean in the sink. It seemingly took forever, but my refrigerator needed that deep clean and it looks brand new!


While dealing with my mini-disaster, I thought about a far greater disaster-turned blessing in a book that I'm currently reading, Dirt to Soil, by Gabe Brown. Anyone involved in the Regenerative Agriculture movement is familiar with this North Dakota farmer's story. He started out as a conventional farmer but through four devastating years of crop disasters in a row, he made life-giving observations for soil fertility and his entire farm operation. The disaster delivered a hidden gift and has made him an endeared and respected teacher that shares in this ever-expanding community of Regenerative Agriculture farmers!


Mishaps never happen at a good time and usually involve loss, a LOT of time, some level of cost, and can't be ignored for long unless you want it to compound into an irreversible disaster.


Disasters and hard times can be springboards for creativity, opportunity, and change. We don't find reasons to change unless we're uncomfortable. These last 2 years have been challenging worldwide and we hope you're finding some hidden gifts along the way.


Also, in case anyone is curious, no, I didn't taste the liver-milk...but I would have if I had thought of it ;-)



Stay Curious!

​- Becca & the Northstar Tribe


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