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Low Histamine Meat Broth Recipe  

Histamine levels in meat have become a significant health challenge for many. We've been doing a TON of research on this issue over the past couple of years due to the number of customers we're serving that are challenged by it. Here's a great video from Sarah @ Carnivore Yogi about meat broth who is very knowledgeable on this deep, developing, and varying topic of histamines in meat(we actually have a specific 'low histamine/non-aged meats' shopping category and also a page that explains why these products are ideal for those with histamine sensitivities).  


Low Histamine Meat Broth Recipe

- Instant Pot 'Soup Setting' for 90 minutes OR on stove top in covered pot for 3-4 hours.

- Strain off meat broth and refrigerate at least 3 hours until the fat cap is solid.

- Fill jars with what can be drank within 24 hrs and put balance into silicone ice cube trays to freeze.

- Keep frozen until ready to consume.

Whether you are histamine sensative or not, meat broth is an excellent source of potassium.

Be Nourished!

​- Mary & the Northstar Tribe





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