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mRNA Vax    

Health is the solution!

We're getting a lot of questions regarding the new mRNA vaccine and whether or not we'll be using to vaccinate our animals...

AIN"T NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

We believe in focusing on fortifying immunity through as-nature-intended diet and living conditions rather than medicating. Allowing the animal to build it's own defense mechanisms against real threats is a FAR better option than vaccinating for perceived/potential threats. A low stress lifestyle and a diverse, thriving soil eco-system provides the animal all it needs to defend itself against any threat that it may come into contact with. Unfortunately, some of the inherent consequences of CAFOs (confined animal feeding operation, which, sadly, is how most of our nation's food supply is currently raised) are high stress and a diet lacking diverse, living nourishment. Making things worse, they're all living in tight proximity so if one gets it, they all get it, and the impact can be total devastation. CAFOs are a ticking health disaster time bomb so CAFO producers are almost forced to take drastic measures (such as the mRNA vax) to ensure such a catastrophic event doesn't rob them of their family farm.

Nature isn't the biggest, fastest horse in the race but it's the most resilient.


Live well this week,
 ​- Sean & the Herd @ Northstar




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