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On The Death of Nutritional Panels

I hope this finds you having a good week. In this week's blog, we're talking about the value of nutritional facts on the back of food packaging. There's more to the story...


It’s no secret that good protein is of paramount importance to our health. The challenge lies in finding complete, dynamic, "living" protein.


Plant-based and dairy-based protein powders are typically less expensive on the shelf and boast of scientifically improved x, y, or z. Some taste great, others taste terrible. Soy or veggie burgers are also “animal friendly” choices that check all the right boxes of a nutritional panel on the back of the package.


Common nutritional panel analysis is relatively expensive but is actually a very poor representation of the true total health value of a certain food item, therefor, we are reluctant to shell out precious dollars to pay for them. When relied upon solely, they can dumb down the true value of our products, like trying to grade your level of wisdom with a math test. They don’t correlate. You can ace the math test but have zero wisdom.


The challenge with the aforementioned plant or dairy-based protein mixes is that they’re one dimensional and lack significant depth of nutrition. These protein sources are often “dead”, meaning they don’t contain vital, good, living bacteria that our body simply cannot truly thrive without. Animal protein (meat) raised as nature intended it to be and plants raised on organic, thriving soils are so dynamic it laughs at a nutritional panel. These types of proteins are 2 dimensional or, better yet, Superfoods.


And, the vast majority of plant-based proteins you'll find on the shelf aren’t actually animal friendly… they flat out remove animals from the land. When was the last time you saw a herd of bison happily grazing in a wheat or soybean field? No grazing animals = reduced soil health. Poor soil health = few bugs. Few bugs = few birds and rodents. Few birds or rodents = few predators. It's all connected. Graziers are the lynchpin to everything good as it pertains to land. All plants need nutrients and GMO protein plants are “scientifically enhanced” (aka Impossible Burger) to need less wind, water, & scenery. They, from seed, are being fed manufactured fertilizers and sprayed with herbicides, pesticides, & fungicides that can, in no way possible, be improving our environment or the nutritional value of our food. How can something man engineers possibly compete with the depth and complexity of nature? One look at the complexity of a single organism will blow your mind! So it is with our food.


Marketing is crafty but logic tells us a nutritional panel can’t possibly capture the complexity of nature, it's just not that simple. Base your diet around raw, naturally occurring foods and you’ll always be on the right track.

Bringing it all together, balance isALWAYS the key to life. Each of our bodies are unique and each of us need to understand our wiring to determine the best balance. The single common denominator among highly nutrient-dense foods is that they are chock full of healthy, living bacteria and that, precisely, is not quantified in a nutritional panel... yet.




Live Well This Week,

- Sean & the Northstar Tribe



P.S. This may be an extreme example but it displays the deficiency and deception of nutritional panels… I walked into the gas station, went to the back wall cooler where the energy drinks are on display, grabbed a “healthy” one that was advertising coQ10, Amino Acids, Omega3s around the rim and boasting zero sugar, zero calories, zero caffiene. Sounds like a miracle drink! Turning it around, the nutritional panel had 0s on every single nutrient category. How is that possible? The only way to “energize” the body in a healthy way is to give it something it needs. If this is a healthy energy drink, what are nutritional panels good for?



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