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Regenerative Isn't Expensive...CAFOs Are Cheating  

It feels unfair. In fact it is.

Up until the 1930's, regenerative farming & ranching was the only way. The modern industrial crop farming phenomenon changed the game. CAFOs = cheaper food, higher profits, and far greater control of outcomes. It's manageable, however, CAFOs don’t play by the rules of better for the land, the animals, or people but yet regenerative product pricing and eating experience quality attributes get compared to feedlot beef or CAFO chicken on the regular… Like feedlot/CAFO is the new baseline of expectation and as you move up the price ladder, you subconsciously gradually elevate consumer experience expectation. While we believe with our entire beings that raised, harvested, and processed as nature intended creates an amazing consumer experience, that’s not the only goal. The goal is to raise, harvest, and process meatas nature intended for the health & betterment of the land, animals, and people. Food you can actuallyfeel good about eating.


Moving the center on morality(natural & humane living conditions & diet)to create an unnatural eating experience at the expense of animal welfare is, well, certainly not as nature intended and arguably preposterous.  


Medicating livestock against mass death loss & disease to cheapen the cost of production in order to fit into more people's pocket book is unethical. (Yes, affordable food, accessible by everyone is critical but “cheap food” raised unnaturally cheats everyone & everything in the long run.)


Forceful factory slaughter to shave cost is saddening.


What is morality worth?


What is health & vitality worth?


"Mainstream meat" is cheating the land, the animal, and the consumer in the name of profits.


Animal diet can be debated but respect for life is a requirement, not an optional, “luxury attribute”.





Live Well This Week,

​- Sean & the Northstar Tribe

P.S. So as to not dilute the focus of my message, I broke this slight digression into a "P.S.". For the ultra-intrigued, feel free to read on...

CAFO products represent the vast majority of products on the shelf today. Large corporations use big budgets to deceptively, yet not explicitly, lead you to the conclusion you (and I) want to believe. I don't intend to condemn you here, but the reality is, silence, ornaivety, is stillconsent. Research, research, research. Which can be exhausting and overwhelming but it's the only way to not only abstain from supporting degrading production systems, but toempower your dollars for real good. From meat to coffee to clothing, there are companies doing good and others harm. Engage and actively choose well. Swimming upstream economically is also exhausting. Even a word of encouragement, a post share, or simply even a "like" goes a long way. There are some great companies out there that think like we do and we value who you value. We all win or lose together. As a real guru living deep down this rabbit hole of food production integrity, I'll say I can count on one hand the places I've eaten out that I can honestly say I felt good about supporting, and they were all one-off, special-interest eateries. The regenerative movement is still VERY small so your support is massive to those of us in this space, and really, the rest of humanity.


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