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So Obviously I'm Not Perfect...

As a quick follow up to my blog I sent last night, I wanted to apologize for leaving the door open for some inaccurate assumptions and clarify our message a bit. Also, before I get started, I wanted to say thank you to those who responded to the email to get more clarity. Your responses were unassuming, graceful, genuine, gentle, and gave me the benefit of the doubt. It's remarkable to be surrounded by such people and I am eternally grateful for your grace! And after reading back my blog through a different lens, I can see where I could have unintentionally stepped on some toes by not being more specific. I hope you'll accept my apology and take to heart the intent behind the message. And obviously I'm not 'perfect'. ;)

My intent for "We're Perfect." was to release some undue tension and stress I feel many of us carry as an unintended consequence of to the messaging of the drug/supplemental industry that we're somehow inherently flawed and in need of some scientifically engineered silver bullet (or a whole mouthful of them) to be whole and well. The misfire I caused was that my position is in opposition to ALL vitamins or supplements... As in everything, there is nuance, both positive and negative. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of natural supplements or remedies made simply from naturally occurring plants, minerals, or animal byproducts. However, just like the meat industry, the majority of what sits on the shelf at your average vitamin shop is well-marketed but is not very beneficial for us or the planet. View everything you put into your body through the lens of "as nature intended" and you'll always be on the right track. Not all vitamins & supplements are poorly produced, but many are so, like anything, be cautious and do some research. Vitamins & supplements will not fix a poor diet though. Your #1 focus should be the quality of your diet and more often than not, symptoms & side effects of poor dietary choices will disappear. Behind diet and in addition to natural supplements, low stress, good sleep, exercise, and plenty of fresh air & sunshine are all contributors to keeping us healthy and well-rounded.

Major in the majors, minor in the minors.Keep it natural, keep it simple, & relax, you're designed for success!

Thanks for hearing me out and be sure to reach out if I've left any stones unturned.

Oh, and yes, Mary is still an integral part of the Northstar Tribe! :)



Grateful for your Grace,

- Sean & the Northstar Tribe



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