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This pic makes me cringe!

I'm Courtney and you'll have to bare with me this week! I am super passionate about feeding people well but this is my first attempt at this style of writing (my main focus is sales and customer service lead here at Northstar!)... I love to cook but hate throwing things away. So, I just had to share my new favorite way to make bone broth as well as my disinfectant spray hack!

With three little girls at home under 7, I do a lot of cooking at home (and cleaning! :) and with that comes a lot of food waste and scraps. Eventually, I would love to be able to feed the scraps to my pigs or chickens (cue my homesteading dream life) for some meat or eggs in return but for now, I keep a gallon bag in the freezer to throw all my food scraps in throughout the week... skins, ends, peelings, seeds, bones, everything. Then every weekend, I add my saved scraps to my crock pot with some soup bones, knuckle bones, 2 tablespoons of organic ACV, and a dash of Redmond’s real salt and let that cook on low for 8 hours and then strain. I LOVE having fresh, homemade bone broth on hand! I try and drink a cup a day. Each week the broth flavor is slightly different based on the food scraps we had from the week prior which is kind of fun! I also typically make a big pot of white rice to put in the fridge for meals throughout the week but instead of cooking it in water I use my bone broth. That rice served with a pinch of Redmond salt and some butter is the absolute best! So delicious and nourishing!!


Ready to cook!


My homemade scrap bone broth all jarred up! If you're going to freeze your broth, be sure to not fill the jars to the neck as the expansion process from freezing will break your jars and ruin your broth from possible glass shards. I made that mistake so you don't have to!


Now for my easy disinfectant hack...

Any lemon or orange peels I collect throughout the week I put in a pint jar with vinegar and let them sit with the lid on for two weeks at room temp. Then strain it, pour it in a spray bottle with approximately 40% water, and you have a 100% natural, homemade, all purpose, disinfectant spray!

My spray marinating in a reused bone broth jar! ️️️️:)


Reusing like this helps to keep waste down, saves you money, maintains a more natural home, and the best part... it just plain feels good.

If you have some great tips you'd like to share I would love to hear them!

If you have the scraps but need some bones for broth, you can click the link below to shop our bone broth section.


Stay Healthy!
 ​- Courtney & the Herd @ Northstar


I love the smell of lilacs and making amazing meals for friends and family with the most wholesome ingredients. I am proud to be a part of what we do here at Northstar and am so grateful to have the opportunity to connect with you today! I hope to hear from you and maybe have the opportunity to serve you in the future :)


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