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Blog Update: Holy Smokes, Crazy Timing!    

I dropped a little blog on Tuesday about an alternative to Round Up and then found out that Bayer, on Monday, announced that they're requesting an overturn of an upheld appeals court ruling of damages(cancer) to a customer(to the tune of $25 million and now a windfall of others totaling tens of millions of dollars in settlements). Crazy timing eh?!

Bayer's claim that their product, Round Up, is not scientifically proven to cause cancer. While that may factually true by the letter of the law, it's not that simple. The product itself may not induce cancer but the herbicide works in a way that isolates cells providing an environment for cancer to thrive in humans.

It's obvious why the massive pharmaceutical company would be going back to fight that first lawsuit that kicked down the door for others to seek damages. Cases are not few and far between and the settlements are significant enough that this could conceivably ruin the company they paid billions for(Monsanto). Bayer is one of the most lucrative companies in the history of the world and they've done it through patented pharmaceuticals & patented food supply (two categories one could argue should be sacred to the human race). Their financial backing makes this fight worth keeping an eye on as they could potentially find a loop hole and the outcome could significantly impact human health. The added pressure of significant economic impacts to the industrial farming industry only adds fuel and dynamics to this fight that could sway it's outcome.

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Click here to hear Dr. Zach Bush share how glyphosate works and why it's so scary.





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