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We're Perfect


To set the stage, everything in this world was designed and created perfectly, without void, without flaw. Everything. And everything our bodies need to thrive is growing on this planet.

Daily, we are bombarded with information telling us we’re broken so we need this or that. Our bodies are not broken but our bodies do deal with the consequences of our modern dietary options, choices, & decisions. There is a saying “Food is medicine.” Do you believe it? We sure do because we have the luxury of witnessing the impacts of real food every day. Real people with real issues seeing dramatic, tangible results from choosing to eat only real food long enough to allow real results to appear. We don’t need expensive, dead, overprocessed, man-made, difficult-to-digest shakes, vitamins, supplements, etc.(And while many of these products look great on a nutritional panel, the living element of the nutrients have been stomped out through over-processing. ANY good food can be destroyed through overprocessing which kills the living bacteria and enzymes our bodies need for healthy digestion & adequate nutrient absorption. What good is something that is full of a nutrient that your body can’t access. Modern fecal transplants (the process of transplanting good bacteria into your gut through fecal matter from a healthy donor) are seeing incredible success stories which points directly to the biological sterility of our diets and therefor our digestive system which is the foundational root of all health or illness.) We merely need to understand and confide in the natural foods in their natural form that our bodies were intended to thrive on.

We are perfect. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with our bodies. Every function, every aspect of our bodies are perfect. Take a deep breath, your body was designed for success. Feed it what it needs and allow it to succeed.

Consume water, minimally processed meat, clean veggies & fruits, all regeneratively & organically raised and you can throw out calorie counting, crazed dieting, and likely many of your health complications.

Stay active, eat old fashioned, live simply and watch your body thrive.



Live Well This Week,

- Sean & the Northstar Tribe


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