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When Quality Sucks.

Who determines quality?


The wordquality is used to define or describe something of value, a standard of excellence, something to be trusted. But who sets this “quality” standard? What exactly is it? And how exactly does it keep you out of the bad experience ditch?


Sometimes, we’ll get harsh feedback from folks that say our products are low quality compared to “fancy” Kobe or Wagyu Beef. Kobe beef is fattened on grain, starch, and beer, lives in a tight crate so it can’t walk around and burn calories or potentially toughen its meat. It gets massages to work it’s external fat into it's muscle. Most people will eat that steak and think, “OMG, it’s a party in my mouth.” But it’s an eating experience that is created unnaturally and, in our opinion, unethically, as it is 100% self-serving at the expense of that animal.


“You say your broth is high quality but it tastes boring... Not like the name brand broths I get that’s bursting with flavor. I want my money back.” Some are simply unaware, or don’t care, about glyphosate in those bones used to make that “bursting with flavor” broth; the preservatives added, the heavily concentrated sodium, or the amount of flavored water they’re actually buying.


And the occasional, “It’s tough and dry. Poor quality. Not worth the money.” Some consider a $20 heavily-marbled, feedlot-raised, corn-fattened, well-done, steakhouse steak to be the cat’s meow.


Occasionally (rarely thankfully), we receive these types of responses, yet, in our tagline, we still tout quality. How is that possible if some say otherwise? We think it's a difference of values, expectations, and personal preference.



*animals raised with integrity, as nature intended,
*regenerating ecosystems that greatly benefit other wildlife,
*combating climate change
*field harvested with zero stress and utmost respect,
*utilized 100% from hide to heart,
*processed without chemicals or acid treatments in a small, immaculate facility,
*hand-cut by real, passionate people,
*with no chemical preservatives of any kind, whatsoever, ever,
*with a deep, rich, pure, slightly sweet, natural flavor,
*shipped directly to your door, reducing carbon footprint,
*supporting an honest, trustworthy, transparent, consumer-direct relationship…


doesn’t equal quality, then we simply have a different set of values.


What is your standard of quality? Does it match ours? If not, and not to be rude but you’ll probably be more satisfied with a feedlot version elsewhere. If it does, we go together like peas and carrots.


We also value you and so, so appreciate all the feedback we get, even the stuff we don’t like to hear.The “negative” feedback is extremely valuable to us because it tells us not only what we can do better but also that we haven’t yet been clearenough about our definition of quality and what you can expect. Egg on our face for that but I will say, we are pretty darn proud of our definition of quality and the supportive feedback we’ve been getting has us believing you’re excited about it too.


Thanks again for all your support and cheers to our collective standard of quality.


Oh, and, we just made an awesome new Grass Fed & Wild Game Cooking Guide that will go in every order this month! It'll help create more mouthwatering 5 star experiences nature does so well. :)



Live well this week,

- Sean & the Northstar Tribe


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