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Wow... Why so long?


Below is a link to a study a customer of ours sent us indicating that farming chemicals have direct linkage to Parkinson’s Disease.

The study done by the EHP was published in 2003.


Environmental Health Perspectives

Neurology: Pesticides and Parkinson’s Disease

 Why in the world, when a study showing these kinds of results, is it not blasted on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, LMNOP and ESPN??!!! 

(a tad sarcastic but you get what I mean. And I enjoy sports.)


And another done by Emory University in Atlanta, GA:

Parkinson’s and Insecticide Exposure


Seriously, WHY. SO. LONG?!

Because few see the value in this knowledge. 

We live in a world driven by dollars and that’s nearly the only driver of information anymore. It’s not scalable or massively profitable so it goes mostly unnoticed. In addition, we live in an instant gratification world. This information doesn’t cure those who have Parkinson’s Disease and those who don’t have Parkinson’s assume they never will and the information is innocently deemed irrelevant.

So who carries the torch?? A couple of little companies like us that tell a few people who are hyper aware of the situation typically due to hypersensitivities or drastic challenges in their own lives that elevate the issue to the top of their list. And most dealing with issues that stem from dietary choices and subsequent side effects are riding the “band-aid train” of the mainstream medical system, completely unaware of potential simple answers within their diet that carry real, lasting, positive, life-giving results.


I get it though, it’s tough. Really, really tough. The world we live in makes it extremely challenging to eat well inside and outside of the home. The “affordable” options, when fully understood, are difficult to even place in the category of food for human consumption.

On the positive side, if we can encourage you in any small way, it’s to get good food in your freezer. 80% of the battle is having good food within reach. The other 20% is finding the time to prepare it. Invest in an Instant Pot. Eating well takes a little planning but it’s absolutely worth the time and energy. You or your family’s health and well being is not something to gamble.


And as a side note, we honestly don’t even care if you choose to buy from us or not. We want to encourage you to just make the choice because we feel it is critical to your long-term wellbeing. If you enjoy our blog and purchase elsewhere, that is great! We believe it’s still a win because you are supporting a production system that is active in solutions to a better place and a healthier way to live.


Now, I will follow that up by saying, sincerely,THANK YOU to all of you who are actively supporting our company!! We absolutely could not do what we do without you. And we hope you do choose to buy from us because we’re so confident in the honesty, integrity and transparency in which we raise, harvest and process the products we offer.

Simply put, there is no one else we could recommend more. :)

Live well this week,

Sean and the Northstar Tribe


I just wanted to take a minute and write you about how impressed we are with this, our first bison order from North Star. The box arrived this afternoon, and although we haven’t tried the meat yet, just the way North Star handled the order/packaging/delivery is very impressive, and so different from what we’ve gone through with “_________ in Oregon”.  


Your box arrived with meat still frozen, undented, no chunks broken off from the inner packing cooler, or pieces of bison from broken packets floating around inside (THAT shipping cost us $75!). Your ground bison packets seem to be sealed so much better, not dripping blood like our others (probably not well sealed, no doubt accounting for why we just had to toss our last three VERY EXPENSIVE bison packets @ $30 into the trash). Yours are easier to store as they appear to be uniformly packed and took ½ the room in our smallish freezer than 10 of the free form, lumpy packets we’ve been getting for the past 4 years.


So thank you for showing us another way.





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