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Our Film Gallery

Our video library is a hodge-podge smattering over the decades of budget projects up to professional films that are elegant and communicate the heart. Life is an evolution, enjoy the process.  

Watch our incredible Field Harvest film that we teamed up with EPIC Provisions to produce. We love these animals.

I am my Father's Son.

Our amazing Bison Tomahawk Steaks, Straight to your Plate!

Passion, vision, drive. Lee, our founder, embodies these qualities.

Volume Up! An approaching snow storm has this herd all fired up. Experience the sights & sounds of a playful bison herd!

An oldie but goodie. The focus and motivation for why we do what we do stays the same... To feed people well by doing what is best for the land, the animals, and ultimately, for you.

We've partnered with Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve to help restore oak savannas, one of the most valuable habitat types and the #1 most endangered habitat type in the world. Bison can help restore this precious ecosystem.

Life in a week with the bison! Notice how the animals are almost constantly on the move, evenly distributing their impact on the land.


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