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Pulled Bison Chuck Roast

Recipe Author:Anthony Chavez

Northstar Bison creation for our very first Farmer's Market back in 2000 at the Country Lane Pantry. Still served weekly all summer long.




2 lbs Bison Chuck Roast

3 Sprigs Sage

1 Bunch Thyme

As needed Salt

As needed Pepper

1 Head Garlic

As needed Olive Oil



Rub the Bison Chuck Roast in the herbs, salt, pepper, garlic and olive oil and allow roasts to marinate in the herb mix for anywhere from 4 hours to over night. Cook in oven or crock pot at 225 degrees for 12 hrs. Use a fork to test tenderness. Continue roasting until tender.



1 Roast @ 2 to 5 lbs (Chuck, Round, or Sirloin Tip will work well) 

1 Onion

3 Ribs Celery

2 Medium Carrots

1 Clove Star Anise

10 each Black Peppercorn

1 qt Beef Stock

1 oz Apple Cider Vinegar