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It's You.

In life, what truly matters the most?
We can get mired in the details and challenges of life and lose sight of the fact the it is people that matter most.  

Our deepest passion here at Northstar is seeing healthy people doing healthy things. We desire to deeply nourish people, most certainly in the physical sense but hopefully in the emotional and spiritual sense also, so they can be as vibrant as they were created to be. As humans, in order to be as healthy as we can possibly be, we need to eat the foods that we were intended to eat, as we were intended to eat them. Our bodies and the things of nature are designed to exist in harmony with one another. We need it, it needs us. Food science does not improve the quality of our food. We can rest assured that the God of the universe that created everything knew what He was doing when He designed us and the rest of the natural world. We can simply look around and see the depth and awe of His perfect, spectacular creation on display. From the biggest bison to the smallest bacteria, from the sun and stars to the snowflakes that fall, we see the awesome, purposeful, incredibly intricate design on display. We are not here by chance, nor are the things around us here by chance. Therefor, we can have great confidence that the things our bodies need, naturally exist on this planet. We don't need to be frantically working in a lab to create the silver bullet or find the missing link because there is nothing absent. If we can simply live and nourish our bodies as we were designed to, we begin living life to it's fullest capacity. As science continues and improves it's work, it only more and more reinforces the fact that we, nature, and our food are incredibly complex and harmonious. We can have faith and trust that everything our bodies need is growing and living all around us.

In every sense of the phrase; Food is medicine.

So, in addition to nature's ability to produce the foods we need and our desire to support and grow this natural, regenerative food system to help regenerate our land and our bodies, we hope even more so that every interaction you have with us is a ray of sunshine in your day, a glimmer of hope, a shot of encouragement. Our days are not about us. They are about our abilities and opportunities to serve and love those around us. Taking care of ourselves, ultimately, is taking care of those we love. We cannot help others if we are not healthy ourselves. Take care of your beautiful mind and body so you can love others well. And, whether you purchase meats from us or not, we value you greatly and strive to share love toward you.

After all, it is you that matters most.

Thank you for your support! Be Blessed!


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