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At Northstar, it is our deepest desire is to feed people well, as well as nature intends to. That requires us to produce the healthiest foods possible. We believe this world was created and designed in completeness, therefor, everything we need to feed and nourish our bodies well grows naturally on the earth. If this is true, then how do we step aside, be a student of the natural design and then let nature do more of what it already wants to?

All life begins in one place: the soil. If our soils are unhealthy, then naturally our food will be unhealthy. Healthy soils equal healthy plants which make for healthy animals which in turn create healthy food for us. The healthiest soils are those in relationship with animals. Modern food science is chasing fads. Nothing that our bodies need has to be created, it already exists. We simply need to peel back the layers to understand nature's incredibly complex and beautiful symbiotic relationships that create deeply nourishing foods to deeply nourish us.

Nature Is Incredible.

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